Home made DIY Mini-Jib / Camera-crane

A showcase for my newly build mini Jib / Camera crane.

Here is the “danish” (bought in Denmark) shopping list 🙂
You will need:
Bolts (The screws (with 6-edged head and coarse thread)) (I used a thread rod for the long screws):
3x 7,65 (8) Cm
4x 3,8 (4) Cm
2x 2,5 Cm
1x 2 Cm

18 washers (which fit the bolts/screws in the center-hole, but do not have a outer diameter larger than 2,5 Cm).

The nylon bushings, I had to buy from amazon:

The aluminum rod/profiles i ordered from a company called Prosa with their “Porsa System” (also comes in black):
21001261 RØR U. FLIG-S 140 CM 1 STK
21001001 RØR U. FLIG-S 100 CM 1 STK
21000201 RØR U. FLIG-S 20 CM 2 STK
23000101 VINKEL 25X25-S 10 CM 3 STK
23000201 VINKEL 25X25-S 20 CM 2 STK
20200003 DUPSKO 25X25 MM SORT 8 STK

Link to their site (in danish): http://www.porsa.dk/products/alubygge…
Link to their site (in english): http://uk.porsa.dk/products/alubuildi…

Hope this help all you guys out there who would like to build one.

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