Workaround for CS6 FLV Cue Point export bug in After Effects

Workaround for the CS6 FLV Cue Point export bug.AE logo

– Because CS6 has a bug:

Thanks to englishtom86, and Bob9743 from the adobe forum for the original cueexport script:

Get the cueexport.jsx script HERE:

Start by doing the tracking of the object/area in AE, where after you apply the tracking data to a NULL object.
Position select
Click the NULL object layer in the timeline, and hit “P” on your keyboard, to get the position data for the NULL object (the tracking data).
Click the “Position” label to select all the keyframes.

Then (with all the keyframes in a bright yellow color).

Go to “File”–>”Scripts”–>”Convert Selected Properties to Markers.jsx”.

convert to markers

This will add a bunch of markers/cue points to the NULL object layer.


Now click the NULL object name/layer, and run the script called “cueexport.jsx”
(Before you run the script file, you need to make sure, that AE allows scripts to save data.)


script allow

general prefs
(“Edit”–>”Preferences”–>”General” and Check the box named “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network”)
– “File”–> “Scripts”–> “Run Script File…”
– Find and select the “cueexport.jsx” file.
– When prompted, save the XML file to disk.

Now open “Adobe Media Encoder CS6”.
Load in the original video file (used for tracking), or a render of the bit, that you have tracked.
– Remember, any change to the framerate, length of the clip or the size/resolution of the video, will result in the track not matching.
As the output module, select the “FLV” type.

Click the Yellow FLV text to get in to the output settings.FLV select

Right under the Output window (where the video is shown) click the “Import Cue Points” button.

import cue points

Select the XML file you just exported with the “cueexport.jsx” script and click “Open”.
– Now the media encoder will add all the cue points to the video.

– Note: the cue points are of the type “Event”.
cue type Event

– If you use the original script from “englishtom86” or “Bob9743” they will be of the type “ActionScript” which in some cases makes the tracking in flash lag.

Now set the rest of the setting to your liking
– (Remember to leave resolution, framerate and length at their original values (otherwise the tracking date won’t match))

Now click “OK”, and then click “Start queue” (the play button).

You now have a FLV file, with cue points added.

You can also download the guide here: workaround-guide

play button

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